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Current Projects-------------------------------------------------------------------

DCS of Chabahar TIS Cement plant

Foundation of TIS cement plant started since 2004 in Sarbaz town, located in 180 km far from Chabehar city in Sistan-Baloochestan Province. (South–east of IRAN)

IRAN TABLO Co. has been chosen as an EPC contractor for electrical of the plant, which consisting DCS also. Intelligent control and processing (ICP) as a member of ITC holding is contracted to provide all required tasks from detail design till startup the DCS of this project. PCS7 (Ver. 9) is the proposed platform to control and monitor eight separated segments in this project, in which a CPU and number of remote I/Os are being settled for data communicating.

We considered seven operating stations besides two engineering stations to give the conformity and reliability during the operation. To avoid any missing data, redundant servers has been offered to be used in the project.     

Regarding the application of plant, using the CEMAT library from SIEMENS would be so useful to meet client routine demands.



Renovation of DCS for two 120-Tone Boilers in Shiraz Oil Refinery Company

After 18 years of installing DCS of two boilers in refinery facilities of Shiraz, which is located in middle of IRAN, in 2018 client decided to replace the current technology from Schneider with modern PLCs from SIEMENS .  

ICP has similar experience, working on ABC and BMS system based on SIEMENS technology. (TELEPERM series).Due to sensitivity of these kind of projects and knowing client limitation to shut down the whole plant to bypass both boilers at the same time from our past experiences, we have planned to accomplish the project in two steps, which might prevent any unconformity in whole process. For every boiler, there will be one separated CPU from S7-410H in localized panel which will run all functions for ABS and BMS. We offered fail safe functionality for BMS whenever it is needed.

Indeed we have considered third CPU for processing common signals between two mail localized controllers.




Main DCS of Guilan water treatment (Module 1 and 2)

The first Module of Guilan water treatment plant has been founded in 1991, in north of Iran by the sea, with nominal capacity of 3 m³/s.

After 17 years in 2018, another module is signed to be installed beside the first running module to increase the capacity of WTP. Regarding the size of the project and strategic usage of WTP in IRAN, big companies invited to the project. The Joint venture of Tana Energy and Zolal Co., with IRANAB as consulting company took the MC of the whole project. Detail design, Material Procurement, programming and startup after commissioning the second module has been outsourced to ICP.

Besides providing DCS for the newly expanded module, ICP is contracted to replace existing control system of in use module, which now is almost 20 years old and from Schneider technology.

Our proposed solution for main DCS of plant is based on Symphony controllers, a well-known series of ABB technology.

Upon Request Settling pools of plant and filtration facilities will be monitored separately and through ABB- AC500 series. The localized PLCs are connected and transferring data through planned network to main DCS. Integrated monitoring system to having detailed preview of the site will give the operators an exact information and commanding options, whenever has been required.

Providing the whole control systems of plant is in our scope of work, which consisting 5 PLC for filtration utilities, 8 other PLC panel and 16 panels for remote I/Os. The number of I/O s in this proejcts is estimated around 4200 signals, which are transferring data/commands all over plant using fiber optic infra structure.


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About Us---------------------------------------------------------------------------

ICP Introduction

Established at 2006, Intelligent Control & Processing Co. is a System Integration Company which has been engaged with the industry for more than a decade. ICP has established a remarkable track record throughout years of commitment to serve its clients across a diverse range of industries. lCP specializes in provision of a comprehensive range of products and services from Engineering to Turn key Project Solutions. Our Solutions are currently being used in Process and Factory Automation, Substation Automation as well as Building Automation.

We have also made supply chain agreements with global brands to provide complementary products such as Field Instruments, Motors and Drives. Since 2016 ICP is a member of IRAN TABLO Co. , who is known as the first private electrical panel manufacturer in IRAN.

Achieving main goals in every business requires two parallel states .Personnel and shareholders satisfaction , besides costumers Satisfactions .I personally believe, highest priority of today in our country wide industries are hiring and breeding qualified and young talents and resources.                                                                                                               (Shahriar Manafi - CEO)

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